Thanksgiving Recipe Redo Challenge

1394345_686972021337801_1649351754_n   Maybe I *might be* a little nuts, but let’s have some fun over the next few days before we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the USA. I want to see some of YOUR favorite Thanksgiving recipes, and I want to healthify them for you! If you want, you can choose if you’d like it to be lower calorie, or just cleaner. I will try to do both for you, but if you don’t specify, I will lean more toward cleaning it up, although that will likely lower the calories at least a little bit. Thanksgiving is definitely a day to celebrate with family and enjoy some really good food. I don’t want to deny you or me that! But, we can at least go into the day a little bit smarter and be somewhat proactive in what we put in our mouths, right? This is something I’ve been working on doing over the last few years, and when I host Thanksgiving, I get a bit strict on what is brought into my house. With family members, like my father, who are Type 2 diabetic, and most of us struggle with some weight issues, it really is possible to eat healthy all the while enjoying ourselves on Thanksgiving. So, I want you to post here in the comments or on my post on my Facebook page your favorite recipe, or a new recipe you are thinking about making. If you have a link you’d like to share, you are welcome to post that too. I will post a healthier version of that recipe that you can try out for your Thanksgiving dinner this year! It could be possible to stump me, but why not give it a shot to see if some of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes could be cleaned up and made healthier for everyone?


  1. I really wish I had one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes. :-( My dad made the best dressing ever, but I never learned how to make it. My sisters are so much older than me that even when I was in high school, I was still “too little” to help in the kitchen to make it . And the recipe was never written.

  2. I am sure my favorite recipe could be cleaned up, haha. I make a honey brined turkey (alton’s brown brine recipe) and then roast the turkey with a variation of Rachael Rays maple butter turkey. I use real ingredients, real maple syrup, real butter etc.

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